Hernon Manufacturing ™ is focused on providing Total Solutions to customers. To this end, Hernon® provides a wide range of precision dispensing and UV LED curing equipment in addition to over 5000 unique sealants, adhesives. Additional specialized support products such as activators, primers, and cleaners ensure comprehensive adhesive solutions for manufacturers of all kinds. Unlike many competitors, Hernon® encourages and provides direct communication between customers and Hernon® engineers to ensure a complete custom solution that can be integrated swiftly and smoothly. Tell Hernon® what you need, they’ll get the job done!



Hernon Manufacturing’s approach to business is customer-centric. “Success comes only when customers are made more successful.” Whether the project is a major producer revolutionizing a manufacturing process or a small start-up company building a manufacturing system from the ground up, Hernon® will own the problem and provide a Total Solution.

Hernon’s expertise doesn’t stop at technical solutions and manufacturing. Hernon® employees are passionate about giving excellent customer service! Customer needs are met with professional service and sales teams, timely order updates and fulfillment, and product education and follow-up support as needed.



Hernon Manufacturing ™ always meets or exceeds ISO 9001:2008 standards for manufacturing and business processes. Committed to continuous improvement and long term relationships, Hernon® treats each customer relationship as a partnership towards mutual success. Hernon Manufacturing ™ welcomes feedback and values every customer’s unique viewpoint. The survey on the Hernon website is an open invitation to share thoughts and experiences. Please click HERE to submit a survey at any time.
As a midsize company, Hernon Manufacturing ™ is in an excellent position to assist all kinds of customers. Hernon® is big enough to meet large customer’s volume yet small enough to truly care about every customer interaction. This business method of working towards mutual success has proven successful since 1978 and remains the principal driving Hernon’s growth. Hernon Manufacturing ™ looks forward to partnering with you so please contact us now and see how a Total Solutions approach can add value to manufacturing operation!
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