Powerful Acrylic Adhesive for LED Production

Hernon Dissipator thermally conductive adhesive is often used to bond heat sinks or LED lights to assist with heat distribution.

Hernon® Dissipator® thermally conductive adhesive is often used to bond heat sinks or LED lights to assist with heat distribution.

Hernon Manufacturing has thermally conductive acrylic adhesives designed for bonding electrical components and heat sinks with a controlled gap. These custom product and equipment solutions are ideal for use in LED production.

As with all Hernon Manufacturing’s adhesive solutions, the acrylic adhesives are engineered to maximize quality control of the process, productivity, sealant usage economy and energy efficiency. We have worked to refine this line of products to meet today’s production environment rigors and the need for accuracy and repeatability. This includes eco-friendly products that satisfy ever-changing environmental standards.

Dissipator® 745 and 746 Structural Acrylics

Dissipator®745 and 746 structural acrylic provides specific adhesion for bonding electrical heat sink components with high thermal conductivity. Heat trapped and not dissipated by the components can lead to premature component failure and costly repair and replacement. With the Dissipator® family, thermal conductivity is assured and electrical shorting is prevented by the insulation characteristics of the adhesive. The acrylic adhesive also replaces mechanical devices and silicone greases that can trap contaminants.

There are many other benefits of acrylic adhesives like our Dissipator® family:

  • Requires no direct mixing
  • Bonds a wide range of materials
  • Offers unique performance capabilities
  • Delivers excellent gap fills
  • Fast fixturing times
  • No extensive surface preparation
  • Bonds well to dirty and oily surfaces
  • High peel and impact resistance
  • Tough, durable, shock resistant bonds
  • Withstands weathering effects well


Why Choose Hernon® Acrylic Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

We feature over 38 years of experience and a product catalog of more than 5,000 grades of high-performance industrial adhesives, sealants, coatings and related equipment. HERNON’s adhesive products and adhesive dispensing equipment for LED production are used in many major companies across the globe.

Reach out to a Hernon® engineer for the LED adhesive that will deliver the best results for your company’s needs. As your total solutions provider, Hernon Manufacturing has nearly four decades of experience and a complete line of structural acrylic adhesives and adhesive dispensing equipment available.

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