Self Locking Adhesives


Hernon Manufacturing Self-Locker® is a micro-encapsulated adhesive which stays dry-to-the-touch until the shearing action of an engaging nut and bolt causes the capsules to break allowing the adhesive to cure.

Self-Locking Adhesives Cure When Activated

Hernon Manufacturing Self-Locking adhesives are two-part premixed adhesives. Within the adhesive material, small beads containing the activating material are distributed. Due to the unique nature of the beaded activator, these adhesives can be pre-applied and do not need to be immediately assembled. When applied as a threadlocker, the shearing action and pressure of mating the threaded assembly bursts the encapsulated beads. Contact between the two materials initiates the chemical curing process. Full curing typically results after twenty-four hours but fixture time is usually just a few minutes.

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