Hernon’s High Speed Automatic Ammunition Sealers are designed to rapidly seal and cure large amounts of ammunition quickly and efficiently. Precision jet valves are used to dispense minute amounts of ultra-low viscosity sealant onto the vulnerable points between bullet casings, primer caps and projectiles. A natural wicking action then quickly completes the placement of the sealant. Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) light from Hernon’s patented high-intensity UV arrays cause a curing reaction to take place that hardens the sealant and ensures consistent ammunition performance. The reaction is swift and ammunition is ready for handling, packaging, or testing immediately off the machine. The 5300 and 5500 systems also offer automated high speed camera inspection and accept/reject software to further ensure quality ammunition performance.

Autosealer® 5250

Autosealer 2600

Specialized for Waterproofing Shotgun Shells



Autosealer® 5300

Autosealer 2600-850

Seals 0-330 RPM Projectile, Primer & Blanks



  • Ammunition users can move freely through marine environments without compromising ammunition reliability
  • Improved ammunition flight paths and stability
  • Auto-load large amounts of ammunition with the optional bowl feeder system
  • User friendly settings controls through GUI software and LCD screens
  • Owners can toggle remote access so Hernon® engineers can assist with settings or troubleshooting
  • Set your own accept/reject parameters to ensure meet any quality metric
  • Reduce downtime during installation
  • Lower out-of-pocket cost
  • Less training needed
  • Modular improvements in production speed and quality


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