Dispensing Equipment

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Whether you possess the adhesive, sealant or lubricant you intend to use or you’re searching for a turn-key dispensing solution, trust the best dispensing equipment manufacturer for your project. Hernon Manufacturing produces customized solutions for clients seeking the most efficient manufacturing process.

As a leading industry expert, Hernon provides the exact dispensing equipment and UV curing machines you need for the product you’re applying. We offer dispensing equipment for the following scenarios:

  • Systems with one component or two components
  • High viscosity product and low viscosity product application
  • Smaller product storage (like a syringe) for small jobs and larger reservoirs for greater production applications
  • Hand-held and bench-top applications


We refine each machine detail to produce precise equipment that distributes the exact amount of product in the most effective way. No waste. No inefficiencies. We even consider the PPM and the number of shifts per day to construct a machine durable enough to withstand even the heaviest use.


Trust Hernon’s Complete Solution for the Best Dispensing Equipment!

With over 30 combined years in creating customized formulas and dispensing equipment, you can remain confident Hernon Manufacturing will create the turn-key, money-saving solution that meets your needs. Don’t take our word for it, though. See our formulas, equipment and manufacturing process yourself! Schedule a demo with our dispensing experts today!


UV Curing Machine

We provide both Ultraspot and Ultracure UV equipment. Select the exact product you need for your application based on the wavelength, intensity, and coverage. We also offer UV conveyors with the most consistent line speed, lamp height, and intensity for UV light curing. Find out more about our UV curing machines by scheduling a demo!

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