DoD Applications

How Hernon Improves Maintenance

Trusted Products for DoD Applications

The technological world leader for ammunition sealants and application machine technology, Hernon Manufacturing provides trusted, military-grade products for DoD applications.

For more than three decades, Hernon Manufacturing has been a proud supplier to the U.S. GSA and DLA, and our products continue to serve as the preferred adhesive and sealants for modern fighter jets, nuclear submarines, armed vehicles and more.

We make it simple to find the military-grade product you’re searching for. Simply search our product database by NSN number or Mil-Spec. For questions, recommendations or customized formulas for your application, talk with an engineer at Hernon Manufacturing directly.

Ammunition Sealants and Other Solutions for Military Applications

Our dedication to providing solutions for the military continues to this day as our Research and Development team pursue specialty sealants for ammunition, explosives, mines missiles and more to support military applications.

Our military-grade adhesives certify to a military specification and have NSN National Stock Numbers used in military product cataloging. We make it simple to find military-grade ammunition sealants and adhesives for DoD applications on this site. Simply search for adhesives and sealants using our online database.

Did You Know: We use the same high-quality standards for military components for each of our products sold to the private sector.

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