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Hernon Manufacturing’s innovative Total Solutions approach makes a valuable impact on our customers’ businesses. This impact results in expanding sales and exports and is recognized by industry reviewers with a consistent stream of awards and honors including the Presidential “E” Award recently received! Hernon® is proud of each and every award and posts them prominently to show our success in improving customers’ businesses never stops and only grows with each new year.

Contact us with confidence: With 37 years of experience providing custom adhesive, sealant, and dispensing solutions we know how to build the perfect system for your business and our many awards prove it!

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and the best customer service in the industry. In fact, Hernon Manufacturing reviews feedback from each client we work with to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We want to make sure your project is a success, and we want to save you time and money in the process. That’s personalized, one-on-one service you can’t get from any of our competitors.But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read a few of the customer reviews below to see how our customer service has created a positive experience for our clients just like you. If you need more evidence, review one of our Hernon Manufacturing case studies to see how we helped some of our actual clients create an efficient, cost-effective process.

We are so impressed with the Hernon Manufacturing sealing equipment and the sealants that we have decided to include the sealing process on our website. You may view the process at www.polyfrang.com. I strongly recommend the installation of the Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. automated sealing equipment and the use of the Hernon sealants.

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L. Michael Swingley


From the onset, the desire to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction of you and your staff was obvious…Harry, you and your staff epitomize those attributes for which all good companies should strive.

Kirby B. Sisk

Kirby B. Sisk


Thank you for your continued effort towards enhancing the quality and reliability of the ‘Peterbilt’ brand name of heavy-duty trucks. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with you, your company and your outstanding product line.

Ray Young

Ray Young

Peterbilt Motors Company

Your personal attention, devotion and reaction to our crises only serve to strengthen our relationship and ensure that you’re at the top of the list in early discussions for future projects.

Kevin Parrish

Kevin Parrish

Eminence Speaker

We appreciate all your help in finding the best adhesives to use in our manufacturing process and the friendly and efficient service of your staff.

Alfred Cho-Chung-Hing

Alfred Cho-Chung-Hing

Torpedo Inc


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