Precision Dispensing Equipment Solutions

Discover how precision dispensing equipment from Hernon Manufacturing helps you save manufacturing time, cut costs and reduce product waste. Whatever your adhesive, sealant or lubricant needs, you can trust our more than 30 years of expertise to offer you the turn-key solution you need. 

Browse the dispensing equipment demonstration videos below to see our manufacturing skill in action.  

Total MRO Solutions
Ammo Bowl Feeder 1000 Video
Autobonder 2101: Programmable Bench-top Dispensing System
Sureshot 3510 Precision Dispensing Valves
Ammo Sealing Fluid Delivery System Assembly Video
Autosealer 5220 Video
Autosealer 5251
2018 ACG Orlando SMART Awards Clip
Autosealer 5250
Autosealer 4021 With Grease Dispensing
Autosealer 5100 Shotshell Sealing
Hernon Introductory Video
50 Cal Unsealed Vs Sealed Vacuum And Pull Tests
Dripstop Pipe Thread Sealants From Hernon
Hernon Autosealer 5215
Autosealer 5225
Sureshot 3500 Repairable Jet Guard
Fusionbond Structural Adhesive Testing
Hernon BrightHouse Regional Business Award TV Commercial _ Jan 2017
Hernon Autosealer 5500
Hernon Total Solutions
Autobonder 2512 Dispensing
UV Gasket by Hernon
Hernon Manufacturing Spotlight
Autosealer 5200
Hernon CA Block Application Method
Autosealer 2600
Hernon Sureshot 3500 Microjet Dispensing Component
Art of Ammunition Sealing
Stella Ammunition Projectile Tip Sealant Dispensing System
Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. ~ Journey To Excellence
Hernon Introduction
UVFOG and UVGasket Video
Autosealer 5300 with bowl feeder
Hernon Presentation
Autosealer 2650
Presidential E Award Ceremony, June 2015
Florida Small Business on Free Trade Agreements
Dripstop 923 Application
Quantum 73421
Autosealer 5300
Dissipator 746 Application
Quantum 82840, 73421 App Tests
Quantum 156 Application Tests
Fusionbond Tests (All)
Quantum 138 Fiberglass to ABS Video
Fusionbond Application Tests
Quantum 138 Fiberglass to ABS
Autosealer 2250 with Ultracure 6
Autosealer 5500 with Blank Cartridge option
Ammunition Sealant Penetration
Hernon Introduction
5500 Close-up of 3500 Valve
Autosealer 5500 Luminescing Sealant Slow Motion
Autosealer 5500 (Part 1)
Autosealer 5500 (Part 2)
Autosealer 5500 Single Robot View
Sureshot 3500
Autosealer 5250 - Shotgun Shell Primer Dispensing
manual apply Hernon # 59621 ammunition sealant to acrylic sleeve and white plastic bullet
Autosealer 2600 dispensing Dripstop
Hernon Adhesives and Ping Golf Clubs
Peterbilt Selection of Hernon Powerseal 932
Silkscreen Hernon Gasket Replacer


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