Industrial Adhesives

Two part industrial adhesives are often dispensed using a static mixing wand which mixes the adhesive and activator to produce an effective curing blend.

Two part industrial adhesives are often dispensed using a static mixing wand which mixes the adhesive and activator to produce an effective curing blend.

Industrial adhesives are chemical compounds that adhere to materials and bond substrates together. These compounds are formulated to offer a variety of characteristics and different forms of adhesive strengths. Some are designed to be flexible to absorb vibrations or mitigate sudden shocks, while others might be designed to tolerate specific chemicals or environmental conditions such as gasoline exposure. Others might be designed to provide moderate bonding while transferring heat through the adhesive bond. Contact a Hernon product manager today to discuss your application and select the best formula for your needs.

Hernon industrial adhesives come in several groups:

HASA (Hernon Anaerobic Structural Adhesives)

Hernon Anaerobic Structural Adhesives (HASA) are characterized by toughness and durability. HASAs have high impact resistance, excellent peel strength, quick cure times and remain a liquid on mating surfaces until assembly. The exclusion of oxygen starts the anaerobic curing process. Common uses included speaker magnets, motor magnets, bonding glass and ceramics, electronic components in severe environments, assembling fuel pumps, Etc.

Hernon Anaerobic Structural Adhesives are applied when high impact resistance or high peel strength and fast cure times are needed

ReAct (Two-part Structural Acrylic Adhesives)

Hernon’s ReAct® family of structural adhesives provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, good gap filling properties, consistent bond strength, and excellent impact, shock, and temperature resistance. ReAct® adhesives feature the speed, versatility, and incredible shear strength of acrylic adhesives and offer high peel and flexure strength in a convenient, two-component, no-mix system. Common uses include magnet bonding, bonding pre-coated sheet metal, bonding special surface metals, Etc.

Tuffbond (Epoxies)

Tuffbond® epoxies give superior strength, moisture, chemical, and heat resistance. Curing mechanisms include two-component chemically reactive curing and single-component heat curing. By changing the ratio of resin and hardener, the cured adhesive can be adjusted to be tough but flexible or hard and rigid. Common uses include marine coatings, tank lining, encapsulating electrical components, bonds metals, glass, wood, concrete, and rubber; glass reinforcement resin, underwater coatings, potting (both clear and opaque) Etc.

Gasketing Compounds

Gasketing compounds are similar to the UV FOG mentioned above but tend to be much higher viscosity when applied. These typically appear like a gel or paste and form and hold clear beads. This is by design to allow the user plenty of time to outline a flange before mating the parts. Hernon’s Gasketing Compounds include the Silastomer® family and the Gasket Replacer® family. As the name Gasket Replacer® implies these products are often used to replace relatively expensive rubber or cork gaskets. The custom nature of applying these gasket sealants in whatever pattern necessary makes them ideal for prototyping projects and custom work where the cost and time to have a mold created to produce rubber gaskets is impractical.

Instantbond & Quantum (Rapid Cure Adhesive)

Instantbond® and Quantum® are families of cyanoacrylate adhesives that provide instant bonding on a wide variety of surfaces. Hernon® offers classic ethyl and methyl types along with special toughened/flexible, surface insensitive, low-odor (low-blooming), and oil tolerant formulations. Instantbond® and Quantum® viscosities range from very low to gel consistency and provide outstanding chemical and thermal resistance. Common uses include bonding speaker components, wiper blades, rubber bumpers, fasteners; bonds a wide variety of surfaces including thermoplastics, elastomers, ceramics, leather or metal substrates, Etc.

Supertacker (One-part Elastomeric Adhesives)

Supertacker® is a family of one part, high-performance elastomeric adhesives that exhibit exceptional bonding characteristics to a broad range of materials and that outperforms silicones, acrylics, and rubber cement because they bond to more surfaces with greater strength and durability. Common uses include bonding a broad range of materials including metals, glass, plastic composites, rubber, leather, wood, vinyl, and more.

Cylinlock (Anaerobic Retaining Compound)

Cylinlock® industrial adhesives are designed for bonding metal cylindrical components. Cylinlock® adhesives are used to maximize integrity on new assemblies or repair worn shafts and bearings as well as bond and seal assemblies. Cylinlocks cure in the absence of air between mated cylindrical surfaces and provide up to 5000 psi of shear strength. Common uses include mounting of bearings, bushings, sleeves, and plugs in housing; retaining pins, gears, wheels, rotors, pulleys, fans on shafts, Etc.

Nuts N’ Bolts (Anaerobic Thread Locker)

Nuts N’ Bolts® are single-component 100% active adhesives that cure when air is omitted between the mating surfaces of a nut and bolt. Nuts N’ Bolts® replace expensive locking methods such as lock and split washers while improving the reliability of threaded fasteners. Nuts N’ Bolts® thread lockers lock, seal and prevent corrosion of threaded assemblies, cure without cracking or shrinking, and are available in low, medium, or high strength locking formulas. Common uses include locking motor housing studs, automotive suspension bolts, railroad assemblies, Etc.

Self Locker (Pre-applied Thread Locker)

Self Locker® is a pre-applied, micro-encapsulated adhesive for threaded fasteners. Self Locker® stays dry to the touch until the shearing action of thread engagement causes the capsules to break, releasing the activator and allowing the adhesive to cure. Self Locker® locks and seals against vibrational loosening and fluid leakage. Common uses include head bolts, truck axle bolts, transmission nuts, pipe plugs, and fittings, Etc.

Silastomer (Silicone Adhesives)

Silastomer® is a line of flange gasket and sealing silicones. Silastomer® products offer excellent moisture resistance and large gap filling abilities. Various Silastomer® formulas include an acetoxy cure for general-purpose usage and/or oxime cure for electrical and electronic components. Common uses include waterproofing electronics, engine components, versatile electrical insulation, Etc.

Dissipator (Thermally Conductive Adhesives)

Dissipators are thermally conductive, room temperature curing adhesives that are designed for bonding electrical components to heat sinks with controlled gaps. Through a special shimming property, Dissipators insulate the component electrically while allowing thermal conductivity. This special feature produces a constant gap of 0.005” to 0.006” between components. Common uses include bonding electrical components to heat sinks

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