Power Generation

Industrial-Grade Adhesives for Power Generation Equipment

Power Generation Adhesives

Whether you're rebuilding an electric motor, installing gaskets or assembling power-generating machinery like a wind turbine, HERNON® is the only name you need to know. HERNON® offers a full line of high-performance, industrial-grade adhesives, sealants, coatings and related dispensing equipment for power generation.

All HERNON® products are backed with over 38 years of engineering excellence. We have delivered solutions to internationally recognized companies for a wide range of applications. HERNON® also offers a complete line of semi and fully automated dispensing equipment.

Reach out to a HERNON® engineer for the industrial-grade adhesive you need for your power generation system. An experienced adhesive engineer will contact you to discuss your adhesive needs and show you the best product for your project.

HERNON's Comprehensive Line of High-Performance Adhesives

Each HERNON® adhesive dispensing solutions is engineered to maximize quality control of the process, productivity, economy of sealant usage and energy efficiency. HERNON® has worked to refine this complete line of products for power generation and adhesive dispensing equipment to meet today's production environment rigors and need for accuracy and repeatability.