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How Hernon Improves Maintenance

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Superior Thread Lockers and Other Adhesive Supplies

Prevent joint loosening, fatigue and other manufacturing challenges with Hernon Manufacturing’s superior products. As an adhesive manufacturer relied on in over 100 industries, Hernon has over 30 years of experience working directly with design, structural and manufacturing engineers, plant managers, and mechanics to overcome the wear and tear associated with moving parts.

Our products help to streamline manufacturing and prevent costly damage to expensive machinery by:

  • Reducing the weight of bolts and rivets.
  • Preventing stress concentration methods—such as welding riveting and bolting.
  • Offering superior fatigue resistance over metals.
  • Allowing bonding of dissimilar materials.
  • Providing sound dampening.
  • Enabling lighter weight and sealed assembly.
  • Preventing joint corrosion and loosening due to vibrations.

But the most important part of what we offer clients is excellent personalized customer service. In fact, we connect you directly to our engineers, product designers or adhesive formulators. You get near-instant product recommendations from the very chemists who create the formulas. That’s personalized customer service that makes a real difference in your budget.

Talk to one of our engineers now for more information, or search through our online database to search for adhesives that fit your application.

Total Solutions that Improve the Safety for Your Personnel

The worldwide leader in eco-friendly adhesive innovation, Hernon Manufacturing provides total solutions for single source responsibility using eco-friendly products. We provide everything you need from formulas to dispensing equipment, so you get a cost-effective, efficient solution that improves working conditions by reducing solvents in the air that affect the health of your employees, customers, and staff.

See firsthand how we can help create a customized solution for you. Schedule a demo today!

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