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Hernon Manufacturing Installs Ammunition Sealant Dispensing System at Sellier and Bellot

By Hernon Manufacturing
“Engineered with the capabilities of Hernon’s Autosealer 5500 Ammunition Sealant Dispensing and UV Curing System, the custom dispensing system built for Sellier and Bellot also has blank ammunition sealing capabilities,” said Edgardo Rodriguez, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hernon Manufacturing.

The new sealant dispensing machine is capable of sealing the bullet and primer of various calibers of assembled pistol, rifle, and blank ammunition on a single machine, including .38, .40 S&W, .45, .357, .308 and more. In 15 minutes or less, the conveyor belt can be easily changed to accommodate the different calibers. In a simultaneous process, the Auto Sealer applies projectile and primer sealant, performs vision systems inspections and UV curing. More than 200 rounds per minute can be processed.

"Our custom dispensing equipment is engineered to reduce production costs and save time, while increasing the accuracy and quality of the finished products," added Rodriguez. "It is one of the most efficient dispensing and curing machines on the market today."

“Sellier and Bellot deals with the research, development and sale of ammunition products which include shotshells, rifle cartridges, pistol and revolver cartridges, rim-fire cartridges, army and ammunition,” said Harry Arnon, President of Hernon Manufacturing. “We are pleased to have been selected to engineer and install a custom ammunition sealant dispensing system for such a prestigious company.”

In the history of the Sellier and Bellot company, Hernon’s Ammunition Sealant Dispensing System is the first U.S. made machine to ever have been acquired.

See the Sellier and Bellot ammunition dispensing and uv curing machine in action

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