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Hernon Manufacturing Offers Engineering Help to GSA Buyers

By Hernon Manufacturing
Hernon Manufacturing, the innovator in adhesives, sealants and dispensing equipment was awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) number GS-21F-0168Y, under schedule 51 V, the hardware superstore for commercial coatings, adhesives, sealants and lubricants which includes products for marine, architectural, aerospace, vehicle and industrial commercial usage. To assist GSA buyers, Hernon enables customers to “Speak to an Engineer” through its website portal.

The GSA is the acquisition arm of the federal government which streamlines the process of connecting commercial businesses to federal buyers through GSA Contracts.  The purpose of the schedules program is to eliminate redundancy in the buying process, pre-approve contractors and leverage the buying power of the federal government by pre-negotiating prices.

“In a highly competitive marketplace, the GSA plays a vital role in connecting the private sector, specifically small businesses like Hernon Manufacturing with Federal Agencies,” said Edgardo Rodriguez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hernon Manufacturing. “We are committed to meeting the needs of these Federal Agencies, providing a simpler buying solution and high-quality engineered adhesive and sealant products.”

The GSA has been around since the Truman Administration and is responsible for the listings of over 28 million products and services available through GSA Contracts.  Hernon Manufacturing completed the lengthy, six month long application qualification process with the federal government and now has more than 160 product listings.  

Some of the product lines include:

>> Cylinlock® - Assembly of cylindrical parts, such as rotors, gears, bushings, collars and bearings, can be effectively and reliably accomplished with Hernon’s line of Cylinlock® Retaining Compounds. Cylinlock® high strength products eliminate the need for mechanical methods of assembly while decreasing production and assembly cost.

>> Dripstop® - Hernon’s line of Dripstop® sealants for plumbing, refrigeration and hydraulics are engineered with many advantages over conventional pipe dopes. These materials harden without shrinkage in the joints creating a tough, insoluble, vibration proof seal that will not leak even if threads are damaged.

>> Gasket Replacer - Hernon Gasket Replacer products form a thin, tough, resilient, solvent, and temperature resistant seal. Gasket Replacer adhesives are superior to other gasketing methods. They contain no solvents and do not shrink, stretch, split, rot, distort, wear-out, or relax. Joints never need re-torquing.

>> Nuts N’ Bolts® - A family of anaerobic adhesives designed for use with assemblies having thread fasteners, Nuts N’ Bolts® are 100% active liquid single component thread lockers that self-harden when air is omitted between the mating surface of a nut & bolt, but it remains a stable liquid in its container. Nuts N Bolts® is designed to replace lock washers and other expensive methods to prevent vibration and loosening of parts which improves machine reliability. Many of the Nuts N’ Bolts® products have MIL-Spec and ASTM numbers.

>> ReAct® - Hernon offers a complete line of structural acrylic adhesives which are two-part, no mix and reactive, called ReAct®. Each adhesive has two components:  the adhesive base or resin, and the Activator. Structural acrylic adhesives are termed “reactive” cure systems. The adhesive base reacts upon contact with the Activator layer to initiate the curing mechanism.

>> Self Locker – Hernon Self Locker products are pre-applied, micro encapsulated anaerobic thread locking compounds that stay dry to the touch until the shearing action of thread engagement breaks the capsules and allows the released adhesive to begin to cure. Self Locker products provide resistance to vibrational loosening, and fluid leakage.

>> Tuffbond™ - This line of epoxies offer substantial moisture, chemical, and heat resistance. They provide high shear strength for tough and durable bonding of wood, metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, masonry, stone, concrete, rubber, etc. Tuffbond™ epoxies are 100% solids and can be customized for specific applications.

“Our MAS allows for direct sales to the federal government and can simplify direct purchases of Hernon Manufacturing products and services by city, county and state agencies,” added Rodriguez. “Additionally, if a buyer has any questions regarding the use of one of our formulas, we encourage them to contact us directly.”

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