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As the industry changes and we develop new products and formulas to serve your needs, follow our blog to stay up-to-date with Hernon Manufacturing news and product updates. We’ll provide insight into how our products can help you save money, create better materials and streamline processes. If you use adhesives in your design, manufacturing or maintenance process, you can’t afford to miss this valuable information. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and return frequently for the latest information!  

One of the most requested curing lights at Hernon Manufacturing is the Ultracure® 9 UV LED curing light. This is a high output 2.5 W. per cm2 LED UV curing system designed to quickly and completely crosslink UV responsive bonding and sealing agents. The Ultracure® 9 includes a focusing lens that enhances the ultraviolet light to provide an improvement in curing intensity and extended curing range. Curing range extends up to 3X the distance of previous Ultracure® 6 models. 


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