Government, DoD and Military Supplier for the GSA Catalog

Government, DoD and Military Supplier for the GSA Catalog



Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.® is an ISO-9001:2008-registered company with a comprehensive product line that includes adhesivessealants, dispensing and U.V. curing equipment. Unlike other companies, our adhesives, dispensing and curing equipment is designed, manufactured and assembled in our Sanford, Florida, headquarters.

Our award-winning company holds many advanced registrations and certifications affirming our product excellence and availability for federal contracts in the GSA catalog:

  • GSA Contract: GS-21F-0168Y
  • ISO 9001:2008 – 6Z331-IS3
  • ITAR – M31119
  • NSF Certifications
  • USDA Approved Products
  • UL Classified Products
  • National Stock Numbers
  • DLA Registered
  • SBA Registered


Since our establishment in 1978, the Hernon Manufacturing team of engineers has been a military adhesive supplier to some of the nation’s most sensitive projects, including the Atlas rocket systems, Excaliber missile systems and even nuclear submarine manufacturing. We have served countless high-profile public clients throughout our decades of operation, including the US Army and Navy.

A Leader in the MRO Supply Chain

With our total solutions approach, Hernon Manufacturing has become a leader in the MRO supply chain thanks to our production of both liquid products and dispensing equipment. This includes a big selection of MILSPEC products. We ship products worldwide, including to APO, FPO, DPO and FOB addresses.

If you have questions about our solutions or need a custom product, we encourage you to directly contact our engineers and chemists. It is this open availability and our Total Solutions approach that has allowed us to recently see double-digit growth, increasing sales 100% in the last three years alone. This growth in turn has allowed us to invest in a $2 million expansion of our manufacturing facilities, which has just been completed allowing us to offer even lower prices and reduce order lead times.