March 26, 2020

A CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE FROM Hernon Manufacturing:

Hernon Manufacturing will remain open for business and continue to operate at full capacity.

Please note that Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. is a key supplier supporting a variety of companies considered Essential Critical Infrastructure for the United States Federal Government and Military. Specifically, we have received a letter from the Department of Defense reinforcing the need for Hernon to remain open.

As part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure supply line, we have a special responsibility to maintain our normal work schedule despite any challenge our community faces. We are proud to fulfill our duty to remain open supplying the products and services on which so many have come to rely. While we may request some employees to work remotely, we will remain at full operational capacity to assist with order fulfillment.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions at or 800-527-0004.

Harry Arnon,
Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

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