Enhanced UV LED Curing Lights and Current Applications

May 6, 2019

Enhanced UV LED Curing Lights and Current Applications

UV LED curing lights maximize the efficiency of UV cure adhesives and sealants. These lights range from precision, handheld units for small scale applications to massive lamps for batch curing. Hernon’s Ultracure® UV lights are selected for the application based on wavelength, intensity and coverage needed. UV conveyors are also offered with consistent line speed, lamp height and intensity for prototypes or small batch curing.

One of the most requested curing lights at Hernon Manufacturing is the Ultracure® 9 UV LED curing light. This product offers a high output of 2.5 W. per cm2 LED UV curing system designed to quickly and completely crosslink UV responsive bonding and sealing agents. The Ultracure® 9 includes a focusing lens that enhances the ultraviolet light to provide an improvement in curing intensity and extended curing range. Curing range extends up to 3X the distance of previous Ultracure® 6 models. With a UV array of 8mm x 50.4mm, the compact design lends itself to retrofitting in tight spaces and offers an array of mounting options and designs. Each Ultracure® 9 unit can produce 17,000+ hours of LED life and requires no replacement lamps or filters. A high-speed fan keeps the unit cool during extended operation.

UV LED curing lights are designed to serve different industries such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronics, appliance, defense, ammunition, marine, engineered plastics, heavy equipment, maintenance, energy and utilities, industrial assemblies and medical device assemblies. Some legacy customer application areas including ammunition sealing, UV gasket curing and bonding glass substrates are explained below

Ultracure® 9 for Ammunition Sealing

Ammunition sealing, protecting cartridges against water and other contaminants, is accomplished by introducing sealant between the projectile and case mouth as well as around the primer. The sealant can be applied in a single spot and will wick into position around the case mouth and around the primer. Once the application of ammunition sealant and wicking has been completed, any exposed sealant is cured in place using UV LED curing lights.

Curing takes only a few seconds of exposure at the correct UV light wavelength and intensity. Additional curing occurs anaerobically (in the absence of oxygen). Hernon’s Ultracure® 9 lights are often run in series for this application. This configuration creates an overlap of the effective area from each light resulting in a UV light bath which cartridges pass through to complete curing swiftly. Exposed sealant at the primer and case mouth cure at the same time.

Ultracure® 9 for UV Cure-In-Place Gasket

Ultracure® 9 for UV Cure-In-Place Gasket

For UV Cure-In-Place (CIP) gaskets, the sealant is designed to work in concert with carefully calibrated UV LED curing lights built by Hernon® and set to an optimal wavelength for triggering the embedded photo-initiators in the sealant that start the crosslinking process. One of the key capabilities of the sealant that make it right for this specific process is that it can be cured to the desired texture by adjusting the time and intensity of UV exposure. The fully cured bead for this application is soft and tack-free. This allows the bead to adjust its form to precisely fill the gap between gasket and housing.

Once the bead is in place, parts are moved to a UV station and inserted into housing where four Ultracure® 9 UV LED lights cure the bead for specified exposure times. In this application, the Ultracure® 9 lights are arranged at the top and bottom as well of each side of the rotating circular seal. This maximizes exposure of the bead to the UV light thereby reducing the amount of time needed at the curing station before the part can be moved on down the production line.

UV LED Curing Lights for Hernon's Ultrabond® Adhesive

UV LED Curing Lights for Hernon's Ultrabond® Adhesive<

Hernon Ultrabond® and Polycure® families include UV curable adhesives formulated for bonding glass to glass, glass to plastic, glass to metals or phenolics. They provide an excellent bond, high light transmittance and a refractive index similar to glass. Exposure to a high-intensity UV light will cure these adhesives to a dry, hard surface with a strong permanent bond. A low powered UV lamp can be used to inspect for the presence of adhesive on the substrates.

For small scale applications, only a single Ultracure® 9 on a stand is needed to effectively cure the adhesive. For larger applications, multiple Ultracure® 9 lights can be arranged in series or a variety of configurations. One of the benefits of using UV curing adhesives with glass substrates is that the UV light can penetrate the glass to cure adhesives beneath. This creates a unique ability to position components and complete assembly before curing is initiated. When a visually clear adhesive is used, the entire assembly may be transparent and is then easily bonded with Hernon’s adhesives and Ultracure® 9 UV LED curing lights.

Made in the USA

The Ultracure® 9 light is manufactured at Hernon’s headquarters in Sanford, FL. USA and is integrated and shipped to manufacturers around the world. Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.® is a manufacturer of high-performance adhesives, sealants, and coatings, dispensing equipment and UV LED curing systems. Hernon® now actively ships to 60+ nations and has established regional distributors as local experts for manufacturers to work with directly.

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