Hernon Manufacturing Welcomes New Director of Automation Solutions

March 17, 2020

Hernon is proud to welcome Gustavo Domit as the company’s Director of Automation Solutions

Hernon is proud to announce and welcome a new hire, Gustavo Domit as the company’s Director of Automation Solutions.

Gustavo brings over 10 years of experience in building, transforming and growing world-class, international organizations by developing and leading solution-focused teams. He will be responsible for improvements in systems and procedures, developing technical solutions, promoting products and services and overseeing the internal project team to ensure overall client satisfaction. He is an experienced business development professional with extensive knowledge of engineering and project management.

“I was attracted by the company’s mission and I am excited to become a contributor to the growth of Hernon.” Gustavo said.

Previously, as Engineering Director for CBC, Gustavo worked in culturally diverse environments across Europe, the USA and Asia building high-value client relationships. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from California State University. In 2008, he attended FEI University in Sao Paulo and gained business administration certification and later added an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Insper, Sao Paolo.

“Gustavo is an outstanding addition to our team and, he brings a wealth of engineering knowledge, valuable experience developing sales in target markets, and as a former customer, afresh perspective. We are more than excited to have him.” said Harry Arnon, President, and CEO of Hernon Manufacturing.

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures high-performance adhesives and sealants, as well as UV, LED curing lights and precision dispensing equipment. With over 5,000 unique formulas and dozens of dispensing and curing products, Hernon’s merchandise is utilized in a wide variety of industries for large scale manufacturing and MRO activities. Hernon Manufacturing, Inc is based out of its headquarters in Sanford, FL. and ships to over 60 nations worldwide through a network of distributors and partners with over 100 locations. Learn more about Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. and their custom solution process at Hernon.com.

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