December 17, 2020

Hernon Manufacturing Inc. always has been a very adaptive company to new technologies. What we learned from the pandemic is how important it is to be able to adapt quickly, without loss of performance. That really is the key.

We actually became stronger. We had to strengthen the digital sales area and marketing capabilities, because it’s more important now. When we’re shipping equipment, we always had remote-access capability on our machines, so if something is wrong, we were able to connect into the machine and put it back into operating condition. This pandemic showed us how important this is and how much more we have to emphasize with our customer, “Please take this option.”

Our biggest internal challenge now is to make sure we understand our employees and their families. If the family is affected, the employee is affected. You must get closer to the employees and learn more about their development, their families: “So what’s what’s going on? Is there a way we can be helpful?” We also hired an employee who most of his work is to clean and disinfect every day, to keep our workforce safe.

Back eight or nine months before the pandemic, it would have been more important for us to establish a business relationship with the online services — companies similar to Amazon, but for businesses. It takes time. If that was established ahead of the pandemic, we would be ahead. In the past, we would travel and you would sit in front of the customer and try to explain everything you have. This is not possible today.

We have to learn and improve as much as possible. I’m going to be speaking with someone who uses artificial intelligence in chemistry. That’s something really new, and we’re going to learn about this, to find out where else we can use programs that use the most advanced technologies available to us. Change and advancement, it’s going to happen. If you’re not part of it, all you did was stay behind.

By Alex Soderstrom – Staff Writer, Orlando Business Journal a month ago

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