Trade and Distribution Networks Between U.S. and Mexico Continue to Excel

March 17, 2020

Trade and Distribution Networks Between U.S. and Mexico Continue to Excel

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to share that José Alfredo Gutiérrez Cázarez with Hernon’s international distributor Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos S.A. de C.V. (ISASA) has received an award for 100% on-time deliveries from HI-Lex Mexicana. Hi-Lex Mexicana manufactures control cables and window regulators for the automotive industry. This award references Hernon’s adhesive technology which is provided to Hi-Lex Mexicana via Hernon’s network of international distributors and partners. We are proud of ISASA for their outstanding work estimating demand and establishing blanket orders to ensure consistent on-time deliveries.

ISASA received the award November 1st, at the annual Hi-Lex Supplier Performance Ceremony. Marco Figueroa, Regional Sales Manager for Hernon Manufacturing commented on the award saying, “We are very excited to see this award come through for our distributor. It is the second year in a row that ISASA has received this type of award from Hi-Lex. We have been working together for years to understand each customer’s needs and create accurate forecasts of demand that meet each new project and reflect overall growth. As with any supply chain, long term on-time deliveries imply consistent successes in forecasting, purchasing, order processing, manufacturing, quality assurance, shipping, and distribution. Even maintenance and human resources are needed to produce consistent results, so everyone gets a win here!”

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures high-performance adhesives and sealants, as well as UV, LED curing lights and precision dispensing equipment. With over 5,000 unique formulas and dozens of dispensing and curing products, Hernon’s merchandise is utilized in a wide variety of industries for large scale manufacturing and MRO activities. Hernon Manufacturing, Inc is based out of its headquarters in Sanford, FL. and ships to over 60 nations worldwide through a network of distributors and partners with over 100 locations. Learn more about Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. and their custom solution process at

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