Pipe Sealant – How to select the right product.

Pipe sealant is displayed immediately after application onto a small section of pipe.

Hernon Dripstop® Pipe Sealant seals gaps between threads. The sealant was dispensed using the Autosealer® 2650 in the background.

Why selecting a pipe sealant is important.

Selecting the best pipe sealant method can make all the difference. Hernon pipe sealants are designed with ease of use in mind. They are compatible with Hernon’s precision dispensing systems including the Autosealer® 2650 pictured left. These pipe sealants will not shred and contaminate systems like some tapes. Some grades will not harden and offer instant thread sealing. Hernon even offers thread sealants for pure oxygen environments and which can tolerate extreme exposure to aggressive chemicals. For this reason, Hernon pipe sealants have been used to seal rocket fueling systems. Today, Hernon pipe sealants are approved for use on sensitive life support equipment and can be used to help against COVID-19. With over 5000 unique formulas of adhesives and sealants, Hernon’s selection of premium pipe sealants covers all the most commonly needed product features.

How to select the right pipe sealant

Hernon always recommends contacting a product expert to help you select the best pipe sealant. The expert will explore your application with you to look for clues as to the best grade. The questions that come up during this exploratory conversation center around several common subjects. What material is the pipe? Is it plastic or metal? This makes a difference because some sealants, especially those that use solvents can attack plastic materials and damage the piping substrate. Also, the size of the pipe in OD or Outer Diameter is important to know. This will help to zero in on potential dispensing options. Finally, chemical compatibility and thermal tolerance need attention. What material will be inside the pipe and just as important, what material will be outside the pipe? What temperature is the environment and how hot or cold will be the material in the pipe? Knowing the answers to these questions will streamline your communication with a product expert and help to determine the exact formula for your application.

Custom Pipe Sealants

Hernon also offers specialized pipe sealant development programs for large scale applications. In these programs, product development specialists work directly with the customer to identify all the product features needed. The specialist gather details of the application process and establish testing standards to match customer standards. Contact sales@hernon.com immediately to see if your application qualifies for this program.

Hernon pipe sealants are used worldwide.  However, there are also success stories from right in the company’s own backyard. In the same industrial zone where Hernon pipe sealants is a world-renowned manufacturer of variable speed water pumping systems. Quantum Flow, reported problems during their final QC tests. Some pumps failed a leak test and required rework. Immediately, Hernon pipe sealants dealt with the problem. Quantum Flow was so pleased, they welcomed the chance to share their experience in a case study. Click HERE to read more.


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