DEF Systems

Pipe Thread Sealant for Diesel Exhaust Fluid Systems

In 2010, stricter EPA diesel emissions standards were set in place for all new diesel engines built, including boats, generators, service, public transport and fleet vehicles, to switch over to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) technology to help neutralize NOx emissions. Our team supports these changing environmental requirements with our Dripstop® 940 pipe thread sealant, which shows compatibility with DEF. This powerful sealant is contaminant-free to ISO 22241 standards.

Why Dripstop® 940 Thread Sealant Is Ideal for DEF Systems

Dripstop® 940 is an anaerobic pipe thread sealant. It has superior sealing, and has been specially formulated for use with stainless steel pipe for the mass transfer of Urea. Dripstop® 940 reduces costs by eliminating leakage. Unlike other thread sealants that contaminate the DEF Fluid, rendering it useless, Dripstop® 940 is third-party approved for DEF use and does not contaminate the system. It withstands high pressures, sealing up to 250psi steam at 400°F (204°C) continuous service while maintaining its chemical inertness.

Dripstop® sealants are 100% active and contain no solvents to evaporate. They do not shred like tape dope and they are not subject to cold flow, pressure and temperature phenomena like non-hardening dopes. Grade number 940 has been tested and classified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) with File Number MH14222.


About Dripstop® Line of Sealants

Typical Applications for Dripstop® 940:

  • DEF bulk transfer stainless steel pipe fittings
  • Fuel line fittings
  • Plated flare fittings
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Refinery piping
  • Instrumentation fittings
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Piping for chlorine and caustic sodas
  • Hydraulic line fittings
  • Pneumatic line fittings
  • Fluid connections
  • Steam lines up to 250 psig
  • Pipe plugs

Contact a Hernon® engineer to find out if this sealant meets your system needs.

Dripstop® 940 is backed by our more than 38 years of experience and history manufacturing over 5,000 grades of high-performance military and industrial-grade adhesives, sealants, coatings and related equipment. Our advanced products are used successfully in many industry leading and globally recognized companies with the most exacting standards.

Each Hernon® sealant solutions is engineered to maximize quality control of the process, productivity, economy of sealant usage and energy efficiency. As your Total Solutions provider, Hernon Manufacturing has worked to refine this line of product to meet today’s production environment rigors and need for accuracy and repeatability.

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