Product Design

How Hernon Improves Product Design

Helping You Overcome Product Design Challenges

During development, every production decision impacts the price, functionality, and durability of the finished product. Hernon understands the importance of proper product design and helps you eliminate these challenges by calling on more than 30 years of expertise in stress distribution, corrosion prevention and the elimination of vibrational loosening.

Avoid Mistakes Now that Cost You Later

With our innovative product designs, we can help eliminate future maintenance and repair costs. Our expert engineers and chemists make recommendations and customize formulas to create only the best products in the most cost-effective way. We are skilled at reducing the weight of products and finding the best materials to bond to, saving fuel, adding strength, and increased durability.

Talk to our engineers today to find out how they can help you overcome vibrational loosening and these other product design challenges:

  • Corrosion
  • Seizing of threaded components
  • Uneven stress distribution
  • Assembly line delay
  • Insufficient dampening effect
  • Poor electrical isolation

Customized Solutions Cut Costs, Production Time and Liability

Hernon works with clients throughout production to overcome these product design challenges. We create everything from the sealant and adhesive formula to the dispensing equipmentThat means we offer you the ultimate control to streamline production, save money and increase the safety of your assembly line.  

Trust Hernon to optimize your product design process. We’ll help you access the most cost-effective product and efficient production process possible. Talk to an engineer at Hernon Manufacturing for more information!

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