2010 (Rambo) – Fully Pneumatic Dispensing System


The Rambo® Series is designed to deliver high viscosity materials such as Gasket Replacer® or Dripstop® at high volume for robotic operations. Designed for higher dispensing pressures of up to 350 PSI the Rambo® 2010 uses an pneumatic ram to press the material up and out of the reservoir. A one way air valve quickly releases any excess gas in the built-in reservoir ensuring smooth dispensing of material with no sputtering or gaps while operating. Using this ram system, refilling is made easy as operators can simply drop in a new Poly-Pak (bag and all) and they are immediately ready to renew dispensing operations.

  • Fully pneumatic dispensing system
  • Adjustable shop air pressure from 0-100 psi to create dispense pressure 350 psi
  • Dispenses high viscosity materials
  • Easy refill with 1,000 ml. Poly-Pak bags
  • Dimensions 6.5”x 7.5”X 26” tall
  • Weight 55 LBS
  • Recommended tubing length 24″-36″
  • 2010 (Rambo)
  • Hoses & connectors


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