2101 – Low to High Viscosity Syringe Dispensor 0-100 PSI


The Autobonder® 2101 features a programmable controller that provides manual and timed modes. Using these modes users can control the dispensing of adhesives and sealants from attached 30 CC syringes. Ideal for small scale manufacturers, this simple dispensing system provides hassle free dispensing on command.

  • Vacuum “pull back” for accurately controlled dispense volumes.
  • Continuous or timed modes.
  • Optional syringe sizes.
  • Optional: 0-30 PSI or 0-100 PSI versions for compatibility of materials with different viscosity.
  • Optional: 120V or 230V
  • Control box
  • Foot switch
  • Two 30 CC dispensing syringes
  • Syringe adapter
  • Interconnect tubing and connectors
  • Aluminum syringe stand
  • Needle kit


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