2650 – Pipe Thread Sealant Dispensing System


The Autosealer® 2650 is a control unit for applying sealant to pipe thread nipples. The dispensing is accomplished using either the Sureshot® 2200 or 4000 dispensing valves. The Autosealer® 2650 allows control through included PLC and can be triggered manually with a footswitch and/or PLC/HMI color touch screen button.

Data Sheets and Manuals

  • Produce more parts in less time
  • Improve product quality with precision dispensing
  • Adaptable for different fluid viscosity
  • Can be customized with auto loading robot
  • Seals pipe sizes 3/8” to 2” in diameter
  • 2550 control unit
  • Reservoir
  • Sureshot® valve
  • Foot switch
  • Tubing
  • Stand
  • Needle kit


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