The Autosealer® 5215 is a cost-effective, compact, inline conveyor ammunition sealing system. Able to seal and cure the projectile and primer on a wide variety of ammunition types and calibers up to 120 rounds per minute, this low cost ammunition sealer brings water resistant ammunition within reach for every tier of ammunition manufacturer. Hernon’s precise engineering is combined with Sureshot™ 3500 microjet dispensing technology and Ultracure® 9 UV curing technology to precisely seal and cure each bullet. Faster and less messy than asphalt sealing, ammunition coming off the Autosealer® 5215 line is ready for immediate packaging with no drying time.

  • Seals and cures up to 120 rounds per minute
  • Automatic vibratory bowl feeder loading options available
  • User friendly color touchscreen controls
  • Utilizes Hernon’s Sureshot™ 3500 microjet dispensing valve
  • Utilizes Hernon’s Ultracure® 9 UV curing technology


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