5500 – Seals 0-280 RPM via Robotic Selection


The Autosealer® 5500 comes complete with a color, touch-screen, human-machine interface (HMI) featuring navigational menus, counters, prompts, statistics, and more. Also available upon request are flexible robotic machine loading or dedicated feed systems for full automation. Its optional vision inspection verifies sealant assembly on cartridge case mouth and primer.

Data Sheets and Manuals


  • Feeder bowl optional
  • Vision inspection – sealant verification optional
  • 280 ppm max speed with 59621
  • 380 acp through cal 50BMG
  • Hernon® precision Sureshot 3500® jet transfer
  • Ultracure® 6
  • 5-15 minute change over
  • Easy clean and flush dispense system < 5 minutes
  • 5500 can run blank ammunition
  • Foot print 60” x 60” x 72” tall
  • Delivery: 12-18 weeks ARO

Equipped with Hernon’s digital Sureshot® 3500 dispense jetting system, the Autosealer® 5300 provides consistent and precise fluid control without making contact. The system enables the operator to dispense precision micro-shots of Hernon® sealants onto each cartridge, primer interface and bullet interface with extreme accuracy in high-volume production industrial environments.


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