750 – .375 Bore Diameter and Up Accessory Kit for Retrofitting Manufacturing Lines


The RotoCoaterTM 750 uses a bigger and more powerful air motor than the 500 to spin a larger dispersion cup which is inserted into a recessed area. The attached Sureshot® valve then delivers a metered amount of material to the cup that evenly coats the inner surface of the bore. The dispersion cup prevents overspray and applies a uniform layer of material.

The RotoCoaterTM can be used with a wide range of adhesives, sealants, oil, or just about any liquid material. Each RotoCoaterTM 750 is customized for each application. Complete systems can be designed that apply materials to multiple bores in one cycle simultaneously.

Data Sheets and Manuals

  • Weight Approx: 8.37 oz (237.3 grams)
  • Motor Air Pressure (max): 100PSI
  • Sureshot® dispensing valve (max): 70PSI
  • Dispensing microtip or dispensing needle (Style A: 14-24 gauge)
  • Spinner diameter from .750” to 2.0”
  • Cup diameter from .310” to 2.000”
  • Tip length from 3.010” to 5.010” (Depending on style)
  • Air Motor
  • 1/4” dia. spindle collet
  • Dispersion cup
  • Motor mounting bracket
  • Sureshot® dispensing valve
  • Needle Kit Style A: Needle Kit 2 Style B&C: Needle kit 4


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