Chemical Stripper 30


Chemical Stripper 30 is a chemical liquid that works to remove pre-cut conventional gasket cement as well as formed in place chemical gaskets.

Chemical Stripper 30 lifts off baked-on gaskets, gasket cement, formed-in-place gaskets, carbon deposits, dried oil, grease and paint on any type of metal in minutes. Also suitable for use on wood.

It is packaged in a convenient spray liquid that penetrates and cleans intricate shapes, but will not run off, even on vertical surfaces.

Product Benefits
• Effectively reduces the time and labor costs associated with difficult-to-remove old gaskets.
• Eliminates or reduces excessive scraping and potential damage to flanged surfaces.

Product Features
Chemical Stripper 30 is ideal for removing:
• Baked-on gaskets and gasket cement from any type of metal surface.
• Chemical formed-in-place gaskets, including RTV silicone and Hernon? Gasket Replacer anaerobic materials.
• Gaskets from aluminum components without scraping or damaging machine surfaces.
• Gaskets from small, difficult-to-reach components.
• High-temperature engine paints prior to repainting.
• Built-up carbon deposits from interior engine/combustion surfaces.
• Baked-on grease and oil deposits (excellent pre-cleaner prior to solvent washing – keeps solvent baths cleaner, longer).
• Paint and varnish from wood surfaces (excellent for removing the surface coating from delicate wood, carved surfaces without scraping or damaging surfaces).


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