Cylinlock® 824


Cylinlock® 824 is a general purpose, single-component, anaerobic adhesive used primarily for joining cylindrical assemblies of all types. It is a low viscosity, self-hardening adhesive that cures when confined between ferrous or copper alloy metals. The cured adhesive is a thermoset plastic suitable for exposure to most solvents.

Typical Applications
• Retains keys and splines. eliminates backlash in worn assemblies.
• Retains bearings in place, preventing spin out.
• Retains rotor to shafts in fractional and subfractional horsepower motors.
• Retains bushing and sleeves in housings and on shafts.
• Augments press fits.
• Restores the fit to worn assemblies or out of tolerance parts.

Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for use in commercial and residential potable water systems not exceeding 82ºC (180ºF).

Product Benefits
• Allow the use of slip fits instead of press and interference fits.
• Restores the fit to worn or out of tolerance assemblies.
• Easily joins dissimilar materials.
• Eliminates resizing of bushings due to close-in from pressing.
• Eliminates set screws.
• Prevents fretting and corrosion from occurring by strengthening and completely sealing assemblies.
• Increases the strength of interference fits and mechanical assemblies.
Performance Testing
Each batch of Cylinlock® 824 is tested to the lot requirements of MIL-R-46082B (Type III), and to the detail requirements of ASTM D5363 (AN0421).

Grade: 824

UL Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61

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