Cylinlock® 845


Cylinlock® 845 is a fast curing, high strength anaerobic adhesive designed to retain and seal cylindrical assemblies. This compound will cure on metallic or non-metallic substrates and is suitable for exposure to most solvents and withstands temperatures of 300ºF (149ºC). Cylinlock® 845 cures quickly at room temperature without the need for surface activators or heat to join cylindrical assemblies. Fixturing strength develops in 24 hours. Hernon Primer 49 or 50 can be used to reduce fixturing time on inactive surfaces and to increase cure through a gap.

Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for use in commercial and residential potable water systems.

Product Benefits
• Increases reliability
• Reduces coat
• Cures at room temperature
• Single component (no mixing)
• Allows relaxed tolerance
• Prevents corrosion
• Easily joins dissimilar materials
• Allows slip fits instead of press and interference fits

Typical Applications
• Holding gears and sprockets onto gearbox shafts
• Holding rotors on electric motor shafts

Grade: 845

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Applications: Adhesives,

Substrates: Metal Surfaces, Metals,