Dripstop® 950


Dripstop® 950 is a non-hardening, non-curing pipe joint & thread sealant that is highly recommended where oxygen, aggressive chemicals, such as chlorine or powerful oxidizers, are present. It is a high-density inert thread sealant and lubricant, specially formulated for severe high-pressure applications. This sealant is odorless, non-corrosive, and hydrophobic. It is totally non-migrating and remains where it is applied. It is ideal for use in repetitive assembly and where disassembly is required, even after long periods of time. It can seal up to 10,000 psi on ¼” NPT threads.

Dripstop® 950 has been tested for impact sensitivity with liquid oxygen, according to standard NF EN 1797-1. No reaction was observed. (100J, 20drops). Dripstop® 950 has also been tested for Autogenous ignition test up to 500oC, no reaction was observed. (EN ISO 11114-3 and EN 1797-1).

Grade: 950

Autosealer 2600

Autocoater 2111

Autobonder 2512 Dispensing Video

  • Aerospace
  • aviation
  • automotive
  • electrical
  • electronics
  • appliance
  • defense
  • ammunition
  • marine
  • engineered plastics
  • heavy equipment
  • maintenance
  • energy and utilities
  • industrial assemblies
  • medical device assemblies
  • composites


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