External Ammunition Sealant 34194


External Ammunition Sealant 34194 is a single component 100% solid system offering a tough, dry coating with superior chemical and environmental resistance after cure. External Ammunition Sealant 34194 will cure rapidly when exposed to high-intensity UV light. This coating is formulated to migrate rapidly resulting in complete coverage of the gap. The fluorescent sealant will offer an easy inspection using a standard vision system.

Product Benefits
• UV fluorescence for in-process inspection
• 100% solid system (no solvents).
• Excellent environmental resistance
• Excellent waterproof resistance providing Leak-free seals
• Good gap filling properties.
• No shrinkage due to solvent evaporation
• Rapid room temperature cure

Ultraviolet Light
Precautions should be taken to avoid exposure of the operator to direct or reflected radiation. Exposure to short wave ultraviolet light can cause burning of the skin and eyes. Eyes and skin should be protected when mercury vapor lamps are in operation.
Most long wave ultraviolet sources do not require shielding.

Recommended Lamps
For information about safe low intensity or high-intensity rapid cure lamps, contact the Hernon® Technical Department.

Ammunition Sealant 34194 should be stored in a cool, dry location in unopened containers at a temperature between 46ºF to 82ºF (8ºC to 28ºC) unless otherwise labeled. Optimal storage is at the lower half of this temperature range. To prevent contamination of unused material, do not return any material to its original container.

Grade: 34194


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