HASA 39781


HASA 39781 is a single-component, anaerobic, structural adhesive designed for bonding rigid assemblies. HASA 39781 cure is accomplished when mating surfaces including metal, glass, and ceramics are joined together.

Accelerated cures are possible with the application of primers or by a short, low-temperature heat cycle. Upon cure, HASA 39781 is a highly cross-linked thermoset plastic with excellent properties over a wide range of conditions.

Product Benefits:
• Single component, ready to use adhesive.
• Room temperature cure.
• 100% active material, no solvents.
• Easy clean-up. Wipe uncured adhesive from outer surfaces.

Typical Applications:
• Bonding ferrite to plated metals in electric motors and loudspeakers.
• Bonding of glass and ceramics.
• Where the fast setting of adhesives with high structural properties is required.

Grade: 39781

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Available Sizes: 1 L,

Ratio: 1 Part,

Color: Yellow,

VISC (cP): 3K - 6K,

Activator: Activator 37824,

Shear STL (PSI): 1K - 2K,

Fix STL (Sec): ≤ 120,

Applications: Adhesives, Structural Adhesives,

Substrates: Ceramics, Electric Motor, Glass, Plated Metals, Speaker Assemblies, Thermoplastics,

Grade: 39781,

Hardness: 20 - 30 D,

Impact AL (J): ≥ 5,

Impact STL (J): ≥5,

Fix: ≤ 120 Sec,


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