External Ammunition Sealant 59681 (Green)


A single component Green color, UV anaerobic sealant. 59681 is a low viscosity penetrating material capable of bonding and sealing primers and bullets in ammunition. It is specially formulated for pre-assembled components; it works by capillary action offering sealed ammunition, improved standard deviation and bullet pull force. Sealed ammunition will meet and exceed the US Army and US Navy waterproofing test within 30 minutes. This product cures upon exposure of 2 seconds to UV light and formulated for high-speed production. Internally the sealant cures anaerobically. The cured adhesive is visible under black light for vision inspection is a thermoset plastic with excellent solvent and environmental resistance suitable for temperatures -40F to 400ºF (204ºC). Hernon® Blank Ammunition Sealants are a complete line of UV Cure adhesives.

Grade: 59681


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