HPS 1200


Porosity Sealant (HPS) 1200 is a low viscosity liquid sealant designed for sealing interfacial leak paths in flexible electronic assemblies. It may also be used to enhance dielectric strength or seal porosity in passive materials. HPS 1200 sealant is typically applied with a vacuum impregnation process that removes air from the internal void and then saturates the part with liquid sealant. In the absence of circulating air, the liquid rapidly polymerizes to form a tough, flexible, thermoset polymer that permanently seals gaps in the assembly. Excess liquid sealant is rinsed from the outside of the part with an aqueous solution effectively leaving no surface build up. Parts processed with HPS 1200 are sealed internally but remain cosmetically and dimensionally unchanged. Typical applications include sealing or unitizing overmolded electrical components against leakage of air, water, coolants, oils and other fluids. As a good insulator, HPS 1200 may also be used to improve the dielectric strength across gaps between high voltage conductors.

Grade: 1200

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