Magnet Bonder 44803


Magnet Bonder 44803 is a two-part, 1:1 mixable, acrylic adhesive that combines ease of use with a high level of performance. Magnet Bonder 44803 cures rapidly at room temperature, fixturing parts in 30 to 60 seconds, and cures to full strength in approximately 1 hour. The adhesive was designed specifically for the bonding of magnets and provides excellent adhesion to ferrite and other magnet types.

This product is applied by bead-on-bead. Dispense Part A on one side of the part, then take Part B and dispense on the other part to be bonded. Then place the two parts together to bond and apply slight pressure.

Typical Applications

  • Permanent Magnet Brush-Type DC Motors – bonding magnets to frame
  • Speaker Assemblies – bonding magnet to pole piece and basket
  • Generators – magnets to housings
  • Magnetic Assemblies – ferrite and other magnet types
Grade: 44803


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