Metal Cement 850


Metal Cement Repair Adhesive is a one-part silver color gel designed to assist with the quick repairing of worn machinery parts. Once confined between parts, Metal Cement develops a strong bond with chemical and temperature resistance. When fully cured, the bonded assembly often doubles the strength of press-fitted parts.

Use Metal Cement in a new assembly to fill the gaps between parts to prevent wear, corrosion, and backlash. This product helps to repair worn metal parts like bushings, shafts, and
housings. It is also useful to repair worn keyways, refit worn couplings and refit loose screws.

Grade: 850

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Aerospace, aviation, automotive, electrical, electronics, appliance, defense, ammunition, marine, engineered plastics, heavy equipment, maintenance, energy and utilities, industrial assemblies, medical device assemblies, composites

Available Sizes: 10 ML container, 50 ML tube, 250 ML tube, 1 L bottle, 10 L container,

Color: Dark Silver,

VISC (cP): 1M - 1.3M,

Temp ºC (ºF): -65 to 300,

Shear STL (PSI): 20.7 (3K),


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