Nickel Based Anti-Seize 368


Hernon Nickel Based Anti-Seize 368 is a silver colored low-friction, anti-seize lubricant manufactured for use in extreme temperatures and environments. Exposure to high temperatures deposits a nickel metallic plating. The grease provides protection from rust by water penetration or washoff. Nickel Based Anti-Seize 368 provides a shield against metal-to-metal contact, preventing seizure and corrosion. Provides low friction and cushions impact and shock loads. Low shear between particles reduces stick- slip, allowing quick disassembly with minimum wrench torque. It will not squeeze out of the threads, gum up, or wash off.

Grade: 368

Autosealer 2600

Autocoater 2111

Autobonder 2512 Dispensing Video

  • Aerospace
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  • appliance
  • defense
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