Nuts N’ Bolts® 422


Nuts N’ Bolts® 422 is a medium-strength, general-purpose thread locking compound, ideal for all nut and bolt applications. Especially well-suited for ¼” or larger fasteners. Removable with hand tools. Curing occurs only when adhesive is confined between two mating surfaces. The cured adhesive is a thermoset plastic suitable for temperatures up to 300ºF and exposure to most solvents.

Grade: 422

Autocoater 2111

Autobonder 2512 Dispensing Video

  • Aerospace
  • aviation
  • automotive
  • electrical
  • electronics
  • appliance
  • defense
  • ammunition
  • marine
  • engineered plastics
  • heavy equipment
  • maintenance
  • energy and utilities
  • industrial assemblies
  • medical device assemblies
  • composites


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