Nuts N’ Bolts® 427


Nuts N’ Bolts® 427 is a single component anaerobic thread locking material, which develops high strength. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces.

Typical Applications
• Prevents loosening and leakage of threaded fasteners.
• Cylinder liner studs.
• Automotive front-end suspension bolts.
• Hydraulic press studs, where difficult removal is desired.
• Air compressor fasteners
• Refrigeration safety valves

UL Classification – File MH14222
Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as to fire hazard only. Adhesive/Sealant 427 classed 20 to 30 between kerosene and paraffin oil in respect to fire hazard. Flash point (closed cup) 102.8ºC (217ºF). For use in devices handling gasoline petroleum oils, natural gas (pressure not over 300 psig), butane and propane not exceeding 2 in. pipe size. 29R9.

Performance Testing
Each batch of Nuts N’ Bolts® 427 is tested to the lot requirements of MIL-S-46163A (Type I Grade K), and to the detail requirements of ASTM D5363 (AN0221).

Grade: 427

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  • Aerospace
  • aviation
  • automotive
  • electrical
  • electronics
  • appliance
  • defense
  • ammunition
  • marine
  • engineered plastics
  • heavy equipment
  • maintenance
  • energy and utilities
  • industrial assemblies
  • medical device assemblies
  • composites


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