Rotocoater Needles


Hernon Manufacturing offers a variety of different sizes and shapes of disposable needles. The disposable tips allow for easy replacement to keep equipment dispensing accurately and consistently. Hernon’s needles are color coded with each color corresponding to a specific gauge for easy identification.

Data Sheets and Manuals

Rotocoater Needles
All 30º; 2.5” Stainless Steel (5 needles per pkg.)

Gauge Hernon Pt. # Needle Inside Diameter Color
14 Gauge Rotocoater Needles14 104-039 1.55mm (.061”) Green Green Rotocoater Needles
14 Gauge Rotocoater Needles14 104-040 1.55mm (.061”) Lt. Green Green Rotocoater Needles
15 Gauge Rotocoater Needles15 104-041 1.36mm (.053”) Amber Amber Rotocoater Needles
16 Gauge Rotocoater Needles16 104-042 1.20mm (.047”) Violet Violet Rotocoater Needles
18 Gauge Rotocoater Needles18 104-026 .90mm (.035”) Olive Olive Rotocoater Needles
21 Gauge Rotocoater Needles21 104-027 .51mm (.020”) Olive Purple Rotocoater Needles
23 Gauge Rotocoater Needles23 104-028 .33mm (.013”) Orange Orange Rotocoater Needles



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