Rust Eliminator 32


Rust Eliminator 32 is a new revolutionary product for eliminating old rust and preventing new rust on steel parts. Rust is chemically transformed into an inert, non-corrosive coating.

Typical Applications
Rust Eliminator 32 is used on rusted steel when minimum surface preparation is practical. Rust Eliminator 32 stops rust, coats surface, and acts as a primer for various covering paints on:
• Ductwork, overhead cranes, and booms
• Municipal and highway signposts
• Conveyors, supports, guard rails, fences
• Power plants, heating, and cooling plants
• Storage tanks, truck trailers
• Pipes, valves

Product Benefits
• Easy to use
• Non-flammable, low toxicity
• One component
• Works on damp, rusty metals
• Replaces conventional primers for most industrial finish paints

Grade: 32


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