SS3200 – Precision Dispensing Valve


The Sureshot® 3200 dispensing valve is offered for manufacturers who already have a pressure pump and are looking to retrofit a precision valve into their existing system. Hernon’s engineers specialize in retrofitting modular enhancements to unique manufacturing lines and have gained a reputation as the retrofit experts throughout Hernon’s 40 year operational history. This highly accurate valve features a Luer-Lock adapter that is compatible with all of Hernon’s disposable dispensing tips. The Sureshot® 3200 utilizes a 3/16” diameter piston and is offered in an aluminum casting which keeps the part relatively light weight while still ensuring a tough exterior to protect the precision workings in side from an industrial environment.

Part number: 110-104

Luer-Lock Adapter: Male LUER integral lock ring to 1/4-28 UNF Thread) PT# 101-048

Data Sheets and Manuals

  • Light weight
  • Precision dispensing
  • Retrofit for existing pressure pump systems.


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