Tuffbond® 310


Tuffbond® 310 adhesive/sealant is a two-component epoxy, 100% solid system, two to one ratio, room temperature cure system. Tuffbond® 310 is recommended for bonding metals, wood, and ceramics.

Typical Applications
• Bond Aluminum, Steel
• Encapsulating Carbon Steel and Aluminum
• Water-resistant coating
• Low Shrinkage, Low Expansion, Low water absorption

Product Benefits
• Excellent resistance to organic acids and bases.
• Good mechanical properties.
• Outstanding resistance to abrasion.
• Non-critical mixing.

Grade: 310

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Available Sizes: 5 GAL (A), 5 GAL (B),

Color: Gray,

Ratio: 2 : 1,

VISC (cP): 130K - 240K,

Work (Min): ≤ 180,

Hardness: 80 - 90 D,

Shear STL (PSI): 1.5K - 2.5K,

Applications: Adhesives, Sealing, Waterproofing,

Substrates: Aluminum, Ceramics, Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel, Wood,

Grade: 310,


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