Tuffbond® 42121


Tuffbond® 42121 is a thixotropic and modified epoxy adhesive that provides a very fast room temperature cure. Tuffbond® 42121 exhibits very good moisture chemical and heat resistance. This very fast cure epoxy adhesive is specially formulated for rapid in-line assembly of loud-speakers. Tuffbond® 42121 is also recommended for bonding metals, wood, ceramics, etc., and can be used for potting and encapsulation of electrical and electronic components.

Typical Applications
• Bonding voice coil to cone
• Bonding pole piece to magnet
• Bonding alnico magnet to base
• Rapid curing structural and electrical repair kit
• Rapid curing laminates and “gel” coats
• Potting electronic boards
• Encapsulating electrical and electronic components

Product Benefits
• Fast at room temperature (about 5 minutes)
• Low shrinkage
• 100% reactive, non-solvent system
• Easy mixing ratio of resin and hardener
• No fuming on gelation

Grade: 42121



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