Ultra-conveyor 1000 – Variable Speed UV Conveyor System


The Ultra Conveyor 1000 is a small conveyor unit designed to pair with a UV curing light. It can be used in the testing of adhesives, inks and coatings for qualifications, cure response testing or performance evaluation. The Ultra Conveyor 1000 can handle a variety of substrates up to 7 ½” wide with an effective curing width up to 6”. The lamp and housing are adjustable to accommodate parts up to 3” high. A simple mechanism allows the lamp to be rotated and set to any angle or raised and lowered to vary its distance from the part.


  • 100% Solid-State bench top conveyor unit for use with the Ultracure® 1000 UV curing systems (not included)
  • Holds substrates up to 7.5” x 3”, with a cure area up to 6” x 3”
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Seamless belt constructed of Kevlar® coated Teflon®
  • 4 standard speed ranges, 2 belt rotation directions: cw/ccw
  • Ultra Conveyor 1000



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