Ultrabond® 55711


Ultrabond® 55711 is a single component anaerobic and UV curable, paste-like sealing compound formulated to provide instant sealing and bonding of electrical connectors. Upon exposure to UV energy an outer cured skin will be formed to prevent migration of the sealant out of the connector during normal daily handling. The sealant inside of the skin maintains its original property. Upon insertion of the wire to the connector, the sealant in the connected area will cure to offer an environmentally resistant and secure connection.

Typical Applications
• Wire connector sealant

Product Benefits
• No shrinkage due to solvent evaporation (100% solid)
• Excellent chemical and environmental resistance
• Does not migrate or drip
• Can be used on vertical surfaces
• Improves structural integrity of an assembly
• UV curable

Grade: 55711


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