Ultrabond® 773


Ultrabond® 773 is a single component, tri-cure conformal coating formulated for bonding glass to glass or glass to metals. Ultrabond® 773 is excellent for bonding and tacking many parts. Ultrabond® 773 can also be cured with heat above 200°F (93°C) or Primer 56. Exposure to a high-intensity UV light will cure these adhesives to a dry, hard surface.

Typical Applications
• Bonding glass to glass.
• Bonding glass to metals.
• Bonding phenolics

Product Benefits
• Good Moisture and Environmental Resistance
• No Solvents

Grade: 773

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Available Sizes: 25 CC syringe, 50 ML bottle, 1 L bottle, 15 L,

Color: Clear,

VISC (cP): 15K - 25K,

Refractive: 1.475,

Hardness: 65 - 75 D,

Shear GL - GL (PSI): ≥ 500,

Shear GL - STL (PSI): ≥ 500,

Applications: Adhesives, Bonding, Coating,

Substrates: Glass, Metals,

Grade: 773,


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